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Monthly Archives: January, 2013

Once again, Triple J’s Hottest 100 reminds me I’m not a hip Australian youth.

To my generation, Australia Day might as well be renamed “Hottest 100 Day”, or, alternately – “Congratulations Hayley, you’re growing more and more out of touch with Hipster music everyday … Continue reading

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Clumsy in the halls of Great Playwrights Past

With feelings of grandeur she accepted the challenge, Lost and delusional, she sought guidance from the Greats. As the words weren’t written, a facade appeared in front of her frosted-glass … Continue reading

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Wow. I have waited years to see this. I’m glad Tina made the tough decision to go with Jane Krakowski…

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GIRLS: high praise, high criticism, nudity – it’s all a bit like Aussie politics

Except it’s nothing like Aussie politics, and so much better. Hey guys, I’m back – but more importantly, so is GIRLS. Happy new year, everybody! I hope you have all … Continue reading

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