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Temporary vegan living, an intro

My father has never been onboard with the idea of vegetarianism, especially with the female members in the family. He loves his protein and if we had to have a family catch phrase it’d be “eat your protein”. The phrase is a constant reference in our household and is repeated regularly throughout meal times, as well as “there’s still plenty of meat on that bone,” (Carl Weathers reference, another important figure in the Tantau household. thanks to Happy Gilmore).

As it turns out, my 66 year old father has gone on a 5 week bike ride around the Australian desert (gung ho!) – meaning it’s just me, my brother and my mother living at home. This is excellent because now we can get more experimental with foods and not eat meat at every meal of the freakin’ day.

My mum told me she’d like to lose 5kg before he returned. 5kg in 5 weeks? I told her she should aim for 3kg, to get her under 70kg and to keep it consistent.

I set myself my own challenge. I decided, starting yesterday, to go vegan for 2 weeks. I’m always giving up certain things to see how it affects my body, complexion and mood, just out of blatant curiosity (and boredom).

This year, I’ve given up smoking (I was only ever a social smoker, but what’s the point when I’m working so hard on my fitness?).
And for the next 2 weeks, I’m going vegan.

More to come.

H x


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